Raskeveokite ülevedu piiratud

Seoses madala merevee tasemega raskeveokeid pardale ei laadita. Vabandame võimalike ebamugavuste pärast.

30.05 reisiaja muudatus

Teisipäeval, 30.05 päevased reisid toodud hilisemaks. Väljumine Kelnaselt kell 16:30 ning Leppneemest kell 18:00. Vabandame võimalike ebamugavuste pärast!

PL Wrangö opereerimispiirangud

PL Wrangö ei välju tuule kiirusel üle 12 m/s, lainetusel üle 1,5 m ja üle 5 cm paksuses jääs.

Wrangö graafiku muudatus

Alates 09.01.23 PL Wrangö reisigraafikus järgmised muudatused: Teisipäeviti varasem väljumine Kelnasest 13:30, Leppneemest 15:00. 

Ticket sale till 31.05.23!

Dear clients! It is now possible to buy ferry tickets to Prangli island until 31.08.2023 and to Ruhnu island until 30.10.2023! Book your travels in advance!

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INFO Kliendiinfo (kell 9-17) +372 5146598
Laevainfo ja kauba broneerimine: Ruhnu: +372 530 59910, Prangli: +372 5109456



Connection between islands Saaremaa and Ruhnu. Ruhnu island is an administrative part of Saare County. Roomassaare port (in Saaremaa) is situated 4 km from Kuressaare city.

Duration of voyage is 2 hours and 10 minutes. Between Roomassaare-Ruhnu is operating passenger catamaran Runö. Runö takes on board 60 passengers.

Type of ticket Price
Full ticket (16.06-31.08) 16
Full ticket (01.05-15.06; 01.09-30.10) 8
Discounted ticket (16.06-31.08) 8
Discounted ticket (01.05-15.06; 01.09-30.10) 4
Preschool Free
Disabled children, deeply disabled adults over 16 years old Free
Person accompanying an adult with deep or severe visual disability Free


Type of ticket Price
Cargo by weight (1 tonnage) 7
Cargo by capacity (1 square meter) 3,5
Cargo in hand (1 kilo) 1
Bicycle 2


  • Schoolchildren enrolled in daytime study
  • University student from September 1 - June 30
  • Person age 65 or older
  • Person accompanying a disabled children or a person age over 16 years with profound disability
  • Permanent resident of Ruhnu Municipality according to the population register



1. 60 passenger places in warm cabin;
2. 48 E-tickets on presale; no bookings are made by phone or e-mail.
3. E-tickets must include the passengers names. Adding names is obligatory.
4. We recommend to add names during the purchase. You can add names later via link sent to you by e-mail.
5. Selling tickets and check-in starts 30 min before departure in port. All passengers must be on time!
6. Please present your ticket and photo ID in port.
7. Canceling E-tickets up to 3 days before departure, refunding fee is 3.20 €.
8. Boarding is closed 10 minutes before departure.