Ticket sale till 31.08.22!

Dear clients! It is now possible to buy ferry tickets to Ruhnu island until 30.10.2022 and to Prangli isaland until 31.08.2022! Book your travels in advance!

We recommend to buy E-ticket

We recommend purchasing ferry ticket for suitable time from our e-service. On the ferry the tickets will only be sold on the outbound journey if there are any free tickets available.

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INFO Kliendiinfo (kell 9-17) 45 24 350
Laevainfo ja kauba broneerimine: Ruhnu: +372 530 59910, Prangli: +372 5109456

Passenger´s Notebook

  • Driving to the harbour allow time to be there in time.

  • Follow traffic signs, speed limits and height limits on the harbour’s territory.

  • If you have a reservation, you should be in the harbour 20 minutes before the departure.

  • If you are late the ferry can be overflown and you won´t fit in.

  • In the ticket office present your car’s documents.

  • Please be benevolent and polite with the cashier, she is always ready to help you!

  • After booking take the right lane and wait for the signs.

  • Don’t pull open the two parts of the ticket - it will be done be the controller.

  • On loading follow the loader’s instructions. Remember your car’s height and please don’t forget if you are carrying something on your car.

  • You have to leave the cardeck. It is your safety. There are little shops, a coffe- shop, nice rooms and a playing –corner for kids on ship.

  • On unloading follow the loader’s instructions.

Have a nice trip!