Maski kandmine ühistranspordis alates 02.08.2021

Vastavalt Vabariigi Valitsuse otsusele KOHUSTAME alates esmaspäevast, 2. augustist PL Wrangö siseruumides kandma maski või katma nina ja suu.    

Ticket sale till 31.12.21!

Dear clients! It is now possible to buy ferry tickets until 31.10.2021 Book your travels in advance!

We recommend to buy E-ticket

We recommend purchasing ferry ticket for suitable time from our e-service. On the ferry the tickets will only be sold on the outbound journey if there are any free tickets available.

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Customer service for persons with special needs


The carrier shall do everything within existing possibilities to ensure that passengers feel comfortable during a ferry crossing. To this end, passengers themselves can do a lot to make it a satisfactory experience for both parties.

We wish for persons with special needs to be able to access the stipulated discounts and necessary equipment/assistance during a ferry crossing without any problems.

We would like to point out a few details that a passenger with special needs and the person accompanying her/him will be well-advised to take note of in order to ensure the smooth completion of all necessary steps.

Issue of a ticket for transport by ferry  

Tickets at discount fares for persons with special needs are available for purchase at a ticket office at the port only. We regret that no online purchases are available at this time.

Before arriving at the ticket office, kindly make sure you to have with you your PENSION CERTIFICATE or a document proving the degree of your disability together with a personal photo ID.

Present the documents for the issue of your ticket for transport by ferry at the ticket office.

Using a lift aboard a ferry

A lift suitable for serving persons with special needs is available on the ferries Saaremaa, Hiiumaa and Muhumaa. The lift goes no further than the upper car deck. There is no lift aboard either the Ofelia or the Kõrgelaid.

In order for a person with special needs to receive agreeable customer service, kindly advise whether you wish to use a lift already when at the ticket office. That way, our customer service officer, in turn, will be able to forward the relevant information to the ship straight away.

As there is no access to a lift on the lower car deck, the earliest possible notification is required in order for the crew to plan the loading process and ensure unobstructed access to a lift for the vehicle transporting a person with special needs.

Sailing requires high levels of safety. For a person with special needs, it is difficult to make their way about a ship completely independently – it is safer to move around with an accompanying person who liaises with the crew. The crew will do their best to ensure the conditions necessary for all passengers to have an agreeable crossing.