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Dear clients! It is now possible to buy ferry tickets to Prangli island until 31.08.2024 and to Ruhnu island until 31.10.2024! Book your travels in advance!

We recommend to buy E-ticket

We recommend purchasing ferry ticket for suitable time from our e-service. On the ferry the tickets will only be sold on the outbound journey if there are any free tickets available.

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Laevainfo ja kauba broneerimine: Ruhnu: +372 530 59910, Prangli: +372 5109456

Instructions for purchasing, using, changing and returning an electronic ticket for a refund


Electronic tickets for ferries may be purchased on the www.tuuleliinid.ee website.

1.       What is an electronic ticket?

1.1  An electronic ticket is a ship ticket that may be purchased on the www.tuuleliinid.ee website for a vehicle or passengers, indicating a specific time of sailing and port (i.e. a spot aboard a ship on a specific sailing), the full cost of which, inclusive of a service fee, shall be paid straight away via online banking or, in case of customers with contracts, by direct debit from a customer’s account.

1.2  One electronic ticket may include up to two sailings per vehicle. Different vehicles may not be added to one ticket.

1.3  A separate electronic ticket for passengers cannot be purchased. Passengers may be added subsequently to an existing electronic ticket for a vehicle.

1.4  An electronic ticket has a unique bar code, and each sailing on a ticket may be completed only once.

1.5  An electronic ticket may be used both in hard copy and by passing the checkpoint at the port using a mobile phone. A payment order shall not constitute a ticket or entitlement to admission aboard a ship.

1.6  The holder of an electronic ticket shall pass the checkpoint at the port via self-service lanes with the overhanging signage “Electronic tickets”.

1.7  The time of sailing and the vehicle registration number may be changed and passengers may be added to an electronic ticket or a ticket may be relinquished up until the time of sailing indicated on the ticket (for details, see clause 4).

1.8  If an electronic ticket has not been used at the time and date indicated on it or changed in a timely manner, the ticket shall be valid for 48 hours as a ticket for the general queue, no longer entitling the passenger to admission aboard a ship in the priority queue.

2.  Registration as a user and a customer account

2.1 To purchase an electronic ticket, it is possible to check in as a customer of www.tuuleliinid.ee. A relevant registration form shall be completed. This will generate a purchase history for the customer on the purchase portal.

2.2 Upon registration, a CUSTOMER ACCOUNT shall be set up for each customer.

2.3 A PURCHASE HISTORY shall accumulate on a customer account, and the purchase of each subsequent electronic ticket shall no longer require the entry of contact details – this will be done automatically, in addition to the convenient option of self-service for changes to a ticket.

2.4 Subsequently, any tickets purchased may be printed out from a customer account, with no need to do so straight away upon purchasing them.

2.5 Customers who have contracts with OÜ Tuule Liinid shall be sent passwords to access their customer accounts upon concluding contracts.

3.   Purchasing an electronic ticket

3.1  When purchasing an electronic ticket, take note of instructions and add a sailing to the shopping basket only after all selections have been made. The sales software shall automatically add a service fee on every item in the shopping basket depending on the type of vehicle selected.

3.2  Carefully check the contents of the shopping basket to make sure everything is as you wished. If any services have been duplicated by mistake, clear the shopping basket and start over.

3.3 To pass the checkpoint at the port using a mobile phone, you must also enter a mobile number. When passing the checkpoint using a mobile phone, there is no need to print out the ticket.

3.4  Upon entering your e-mail address, a letter of confirmation shall be sent to the address, including a link to the electronic ticket portal where you can also change and print out your ticket later. An email address is mandatory.

3.5  Read carefully the Terms and Conditions for the Purchase, Use and Return for a Refund of Electronic Ferry Tickets, tick the box and confirm. Without ticking the box, it will be impossible to move on.

3.6  Before paying, make sure to double-check the purchase information entered and make sure that it matches what is desired and that you have selected the correct port of origin and quantities.

3.7  After paying, any changes to a ticket shall be subject to a fee, any amount paid in excess shall not be refunded, and there shall be no reduction in the number of passengers. New passenger tickets may be added also later.

3.8  Payment can be made via online banking at Swedbank, SEB Pank or Nordea Pank or using a Visa or MasterCard credit card. To successfully complete a purchase, make sure to click on TAGASI KAUPMEHE JUURDE to return to the merchant.

3.9  Customers with contracts may purchase a ticket using funds in their customer accounts but also via online banking. An electronic ticket may be purchased using funds in a customer account and at a discount fare only after logging into a customer account.

3.10  If, upon making payment, you receive the error message “Piletit ei õnnestunud broneerida, ära tehingut korda, saada makseinfo This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ”, do not start purchasing a new ticket for the same sailing. First, find out if funds have been debited from your account. If funds have been transferred from your account but you are unable to print your ticket, email your payment order and the details of the ticket you wished to purchase to the email address above.

4.       Electronic ticket: validity, changes and refunds

4.1  An electronic ticket shall be valid for sailings for the times, dates, ports of origin and vehicle registration number and type indicated. A ticket purchased for the wrong type of vehicle shall be void.

4.2  The time and date of sailing and vehicle number on an electronic ticket may be changed on the www.tuuleliinid.ee purchase portal, by entering the preferred customer section, or via the link for changing tickets sent with the email before the time of sailing or, if the ferry has not sailed yet, at a ticket office at the port on the day of the sailing.

4.3  Changes to the time of sailing shall be subject to booking availability for the new sailing desired.

4.4  Self-service changes online and changes at a ticket office at the port shall incur a service fee of EUR 3.20.

4.5  Upon changing a ticket for a vehicle at a discount fare into a ticket for a vehicle not entitled to that fare, the difference shall be payable if the new vehicle entered is not entitled to the discount fare under the contract.

4.6  Once changes have been made, the new ticket with the changed details shall be printed out.

4.7  If the time of sailing indicated on a ticket has been changed so that the original ticket was subject to the fare factor of 1.5 but the new time of sailing is when the fare factor of 1.5 does not apply, no amount paid in excess shall be refunded.

4.8  If an electronic ticket has not been changed in a timely manner, and the ticket is not used at the time of sailing indicated on it, the ticket shall be valid for 48 hours as a ticket for the general queue from the time of sailing indicated on the ticket.

4.9 If the number of passengers is reduced, there shall be no refund. If passengers are added, changes to an electronic ticket shall attract no service fee, with payment due only for the passenger tickets added.

4.10 An electronic ticket that has been purchased may be cancelled up until the time of sailing. To do so, an application needs to be completed in a timely manner (see www.tuuleliinid.ee / Customer information / Electronic ticket / Electronic ticket cancellations and refunds). Ticket offices at ports shall not purchase back electronic tickets; nor shall they disburse any funds.

4.11  If an electronic ticket is cancelled, the refund shall be for the fare amount paid, less any service fees indicated on the ticket and the EUR 3.20 refund fee.

4.12 The full cost of an electronic ticket shall be refunded to a customer only on tickets purchased for sailings cancelled due to the carrier’s fault or due to weather conditions. Any other extraordinary circumstances preventing the timely use of the service or the changing of a ticket shall be handled by the carrier on a case-by-case basis.

4.13  No cash refunds on electronic tickets shall be made by the ticket office. For refunds on tickets not used due to service disruptions, an application may be submitted within 7 days of the cancellation of a crossing.

4.14  An amount refundable on an electronic ticket shall be transferred into the customer's bank account within 10 days of the carrier confirming to the customer its receipt of the application and the amount of the refund.