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Dear clients! It is now possible to buy ferry tickets to Prangli island until 31.08.2024 and to Ruhnu island until 31.10.2024! Book your travels in advance!

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We recommend purchasing ferry ticket for suitable time from our e-service. On the ferry the tickets will only be sold on the outbound journey if there are any free tickets available.

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Procedure for ticket sales for Tuule Liinid ferry routes



1.1.   The fare schedule and fare discounts for transport by ferry on the Tuule Liinid ferry routes on State-commissioned sailings shall be approved by a Regulation of the Government.

1.2.   Fares for commercial sailings shall be approved by the carrier.

1.3.   Service fees for the priority queue shall be set by the carrier (see Service Fee Schedule, Chapter 1.1, Customer Service Manual).

1.4.   Upon payment in cash or by bank card, a purchaser shall be issued a “ticket / cash invoice” (hereinafter: Ticket) indicating the cost of transport by ferry and value added tax.

1.5.   A ticket shall entitle a customer to a crossing in the general queue from the port on the date indicated on the ticket.

1.6.   A priority queue ticket for a vehicle and an advance sale ticket purchased online (electronic ticket) for a specific time of day shall provide entitlement to a crossing in the priority queue for the shipping route, time and date and vehicle indicated on the ticket.

1.7.   An advance sale ticket purchased on the www.tuuleliinid.ee website (electronic ticket) shall be usable both in hard copy and for passing the checkpoint using a mobile phone at automated customer service stations at checkpoints in ports. On the Kelnase-Leppneeme and Ruhnu routes, passing the checkpoint using a mobile phone is not available; a printout of the ticket needs to be on hand or shown on the mobilephone.


2.1.   Priority queue tickets shall be sold for vehicles, trailers and motorcycles together with passengers.

2.2.   Priority queue tickets may be purchased on the www.tuuleliinid.ee website, at ticket offices on the ferry.

2.3.   No spots for vehicles shall be booked over telephone or via e-mail.

2.4.   Purchases of priority queue tickets shall be subject to booking availability on the sailing desired. Availability of deck space that may be booked for the priority queue and the length of the period of advance sale shall be determined by the carrier.

2.5.   An advance sale ticket sold online, that is, an electronic ticket, shall entitle passengers or a vehicle to crossing by ferry for the shipping route, date and sailing (time of day) indicated on the ticket.

2.6.   Upon purchase of an electronic ticket, the full cost of the ticket, including any service fee, shall be paid straight away via online banking at Swedbank, SEB Pank, Luminor Pank, Coop Pank or LHV Pank or using a Visa or MasterCard credit card. Customers with contracts shall have the additional option of paying with funds in their customer accounts.

2.7.   A priority queue ticket shall attract a priority queue service fee as per the service fee schedule, Chapter 1.1, Customer Service Manual.

2.8.   Length of the period of advance sale shall be determined by the carrier. Length of the period of advance sale shall be subject to change by the carrier, as needed, without notice, posting relevant information on the www.tuuleliinid.ee website.

2.9. An electronic ticket shall constitute valid entitlement for admission aboard a ship for the shipping route, date and time of day indicated on the ticket if the details match the actual vehicle and passengers.

2.10. With respect to electronic tickets, customers themselves may change the vehicle registration number, time and date of sailing, subject to booking availability, within the period of advance sale in effect from the time of the change, and add passengers (for details, see Terms and Conditions for the Purchase, Use and Return for a Refund of Electronic Ferry Tickets).


3.1.   When tickets are acquired at a ticket office on the ferry, it shall be borne in mind that to arrive in time for the desired sailing, the vehicle needs to be at the port no later than 20 minutes before the sailing, and preferably even earlier.

3.2.   The fare basis for a vehicle ticket shall be the vehicle type as per the vehicle registration certificate, except for camper vans and camping trailers, for which the vehicle type shall be passenger car and light trailer as a rule. Fares for camper vans and camping trailers, however, shall vary from fares for passenger cars and light trailers and be indicated as a separate item on the fare schedule.

3.3.   If a vehicle ticket is purchased at a ticket office on the ferry, the customer shall present, if so requested by the customer service officer, the vehicle registration certificate for the identification of the vehicle type and, for any passenger discounts, any additional supporting documents.

3.4. A customer whose vehicle has a trailer or who is transporting oversize cargo and/or hazardous cargo shall declare it separately at the ticket office as per the stipulated procedure. See Regulations Concerning Transport by Ferry of Passengers and Vehicles on TUULE LIINID FERRY ROUTES (Chapter 4, Customer Service Manual) and Procedure for Transport by Ferry of Oversize, Heavy Vehicles with an Axle Load Over 10 Tonnes and of Hazardous cargo (Chapter 12, Customer Service Manual).

3.5.   The driver of a vehicle transporting hazardous cargo shall present at the ticket office documents accompanying the cargo as per the provisions of legislation governing the handling of hazardous cargo.

3.6.   The driver of a vehicle transporting passengers shall complete a declaration of the number of passengers at the ticket office at a port, certifying the accuracy of the information with his/her signature.

3.7. As per the fare schedule, a driver shall be considered a passenger and sold a passenger ticket.

3.8. A passenger who has redeemed a ticket shall check the accuracy of the information on it and whether the change given is correct before moving away from the ticket office. No later claims shall be entertained.

3.9. Parties settling accounts on a clearing basis under contracts with customers shall be issued by the carrier with an invoice for crossings completed within a month at the beginning of the following month. All customers with contracts shall have the option of printing out, themselves, invoices for services used under their preferred customer section on www.tuuleliinid.ee.

3.10. On the Kelnase-Leppneeme and Ruhnu routes, ship tickets shall be sold on the passenger deck aboard the ferry.

3.14. At the Ports of Kelnase and Leppneeme, vehicles in the booking lane may move aboard a ship if they have advance sale tickets. It shall not be possible to add further bookings at the port.

3.15. Passenger tickets may be purchased also at automated passenger ticket vending machines if these have been installed inside port terminals.

3.16. At an automated passenger ticket vending machine, a transaction may be completed only with a boarding pass.

3.17. A ticket purchased at automated passenger ticket vending machine is intended for boarding a ship on foot only.



4.1.   If a ticket bearing wrong names is issued at a ticket office of if a customer forgoes use of the service, the ticket may be cancelled or replaced with a new ticket at a ticket office only.

4.2.   The carrier shall not replace tickets that have been lost, damaged or purchased deliberately as being inaccurate.


(For details, see Chapter 6, Terms and Conditions for the Purchase, Use and Return for a Refund of Electronic Ferry Tickets, Customer Service Manual.)

4.3.   A customer shall be entitled to relinquish an electronic ticket; however, if one is relinquished, any refund shall be for the fare amount paid, less any service fees and refund fee as per the service fee schedule.

4.4.   An electronic ticket that has been purchased may be cancelled at least 1 hour before the time of sailing.

4.5.   A ticket that has been checked at the checkpoint at a port may be returned for a refund only if, before the sailing, the ticket office in the port area has been re-contacted and the ticket has been re-validated.

4.6.   To relinquish an electronic ticket and to return it for a refund, an application shall be completed on the www.tuuleliinid.ee website.

4.7.   The full cost of an electronic ticket shall be refunded to a customer only on tickets purchased for sailings cancelled due to the carrier’s fault or due to weather conditions.

4.8.   An amount refundable on an electronic ticket shall be transferred into the customer's bank account within 10 days of the carrier confirming to the customer its receipt of the application and the amount of the refund.

4.9.  Ticket offices at ports shall not repurchase advance sale tickets purchased online; nor shall they disburse any funds.